Where the Caribbean Sea meets lush tropical forest, stands the fabulous Le Caméléon boutique hotel. On the outskirts of the charismatic coastal village of Puerto Viejo, Le Caméléon is the only upscale lodging to be found in this remote area of Costa Rica.

Fronting Cocles -one of the area’s most beautiful beaches, with golden sand and wild rainforest vegetation- you’ll find yourself in an idyllic balance between relaxing seclusion from the outside world and convenient proximity to the charms of a vibrant Caribbean town.

Le Caméléon hotel overflows with dense tropical gardens and rich wildlife. Modern rooms, crafted from pure whites with vibrant touches of color, offer a sleek design that is as stylish as it is comfortable. Sliding glass doors lead out to private balconies, letting in natural light to warm your surroundings. Enjoy beautiful spacious bathrooms stocked with thoughtful amenities and delightful plush beds.

Puerto Viejo Costa Rica Hotel


Impeccable white with striking dashes of color, your room at Le Caméléon inspires purity and constant renovation. When each day the colors in your surroundings change, you are reminded that “every day is a new day”, filled with infinite opportunities for new experiences, new friends, and new thoughts. Embrace this mantra with us. Take the time to sit on your private terrace and soak in your surroundings. Listen to the howl of the monkeys in the canopy or take a relaxing stroll up the beach.

Challenge yourself to a new experience: try taking a surfing lesson or enroll in a scuba diving course. On a rainy day, sit back and relax with a soothing cocktail at our Le NUMU Lounge, or indulge in a decadent massage at our spa. In any case, start your day out with the widest of smiles, and witness the tremendous effect this simple action has on your mood and on everything around you.

Puerto Viejo Costa Rica Hotel


With all the natural and cultural treasures around us –the wild tropical rainforest, the sparkling Caribbean Sea, the endless golden beaches, the savory traditional cuisine-, in Puerto Viejo it’s impossible to ignore the relevance of sustainability.

At Le Caméléon we have taken measures to ensure that our impact on the local ecosystem and community doesn’t compromise the ability for future generations to enjoy the wonders we take pleasure in today. Our outreach programs at Le Caméléon include Beach Clean-up campaigns, Bandera Azul Committee, eco-shops to improve local awareness and monthly donations to Amigos de los Parques Nacionales (a local non-profit organization focused on the area’s national parks).

Puerto Viejo Costa Rica Hotel